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Looking to lend in 50 states with a net branch mortgage company?

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If you're looking to lend in 50 states as a mortgage branch operation, you may want to consider a bank net branch affiliate program. Whether you are an existing mortgage net branch looking to expand your market share, or a local mortgage broker, correspondent lender, or loan officer looking for a platform for expanded opportunities, working with very well could be the solution you've been looking for.

The website works hard to connect you with flexible net branch companies who can allow for the sign-up of virtually any lender you feel is most appropriate to facilitate your target market and revenue growth. Those looking for 50 state lending will really need to find the right bank net branch program. In reality, lender selection is really about strategy, pricing, and the very bottom line; it's all about who will close the deal. Lots of lenders "Talk" game, but experienced professionals know talk is cheap when it comes time for a loan package to close. Any lender can close "A" credit -- you need the lenders that can take a marginal A into an Alt A; take a traditional "No Way" FHA deal and manually underwrite to close; take a borderline self-employed, and underwrite the deal SISA and actually get it closed. One of the benefit of dealing with a bank net branch operation is most have in house underwriting that include manual underwriting capabilities.

Get the right bank net branch opportunity working with a mortgage branch affiliate program that allows you access to the mortgage products that best meet your branch needs:

  • A Credit Fannie/Freddie
  • Jumbo & Super Jumbo
  • Construction Perm
  • Bankruptcy Buyout
  • 2nd Mortgage Products
  • Hard Money
  • Manufactured Homes with Land
  • FHA/VA
  • And More!

Everyone offers something. You want to connect with a bank net branch that is all about creating the right net branch solution that fits your long term strategy. You want a bank net branch that allows you the opportunity to use a wide variety of lenders. The potential network of lenders you could be doing business with is extensive and could include: (As lenders come an go, this list may be out of date.)

  • Accredited Home Lenders
  • AccuBanc Mortgage
  • AEGIS Wholesale (Conforming)
  • American Broker's Conduit (formerly Capital Commerce Mortgage)
  • American Home Equity Corp.
  • American Sterling Bank
  • Bear Stearns Residential Mortgage Corp.
  • BNC Mortgage, Inc.
  • Charter One Bank
  • Chase Home Equity
  • Chase Home Finance
  • Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corp. (B/C Division Only)
  • Chevy Chase Bank
  • Citi Home Equity
  • Citimortgage Co.
  • DB Home Lending
  • Decision One Mortgage
  • Direct Mortgage Corp. (formerly Guaranty Bank)
  • Dollar Mortgage Corp. (DMC)
  • Downey Savings
  • Eastern Savings Bank
  • ENCORE Credit
  • Equifirst (Regions Bank)
  • Equity Funding Group
  • Express Capital Lending
  • First Banc Home Mortgage
  • First Franklin
  • First Horizon (First Tennessee Bank)
  • First Indiana Bank
  • First Magnus
  • First National Bank of Arizona
  • First NLC Financial Services
  • Flagstar Bank, F.S.B.
  • Franklin Financial
  • GN Mortgage
  • GreenPoint Mortgage
  • Homecomings Financial
  • Impac Lending Group
  • IndyMac Bank, F.S.B.
  • Interbay Funding, LTD
  • InterFirst (ABN AMRO)
  • Loan Link
  • Long Beach Mortgage
  • MILA, Inc. (Mortgage Investment Lending Assoc.)
  • MLSG Residential Mortgage Banking
  • National Wholesale Funding (NWF)
  • Nationstar Mortgage (formerly Centex Home Equity)
  • NovaStar Mortgage, Inc.
  • Novelle Financial
  • Ohio Mortgage Bank
  • Option One
  • Pacific Residential Lending
  • PCM - Pacific Community Mortgage
  • People's Choice Home Loans
  • PHH Mortgage Services
  • Pinnacle Commercial Mortgage
  • ResMAE Mortgage Corporation
  • Saxon Mortgage
  • SouthStar Funding
  • SunTrust
  • Taylor, Bean & Whitaker Mortgage Corporation
  • US Bank
  • Washington Mutual
  • Wilimington National Finance, Inc.
  • WMC Equity Services
  • World Savings

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