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The last decade has seen a real economic challenge for mortgage brokers. Between legislation and a downward spiral in home value, many mortgage broker operations have struggled just to keep their doors open. Enter into the equation a net branch for mortgage brokers. The affiliate branch business model has opened doors of opportunities for mortgage professionals struggling to compete in todays lending environment. Expansions in broker net branch opportunities offer the potential for nationwide lending to small mortgage broker companies by the "big box" mortgage companies and banks with affiliate mortgage programs. This is the key factor that is driving the mortgage broker net branch explosion and this is your first step in building what is referred to as the net branch relationship.

Traditionally, mortgage brokers have always restricted their business to a specific locality. The main factor behind this is that most of the home loans tend to be generated face-to-face. Recently conducted research and studies show that different mortgage companies have used either the telephone or the internet for their expansion into larger territories beyond their locality. Mortgage companies have started to compete on a national level as many mid-size operations have failed. Some of these companies have been successful, but at the cost of smaller mortgage companies who were unable to fight this competition under the weight of a down market and excessive regulation.

One solution to this is operation as a mortgage broker net branch. The affiliate branch model focuses on helping the small mortgage broker companies to grow while providing healthy competition to bigger and stronger competitors, usually without losing their market share. The small mortgage broker company can open a franchise of the big mortgage company. This is known as the net branch or affiliate branch relationship. The large parent mortgage company lends in a multi-state or on a national basis through meeting the licensing requirements of various states. This can allow the small broker office to lend beyond the state they reside in. In the ideal conditions, a small mortgage broker office can become a mortgage net branch company of the bigger mortgage company to bring down the costs as well as develop a broader market reach.

The Mortgage Market

The mortgage industry is struggling under the weight of many factors. The reality remains that almost every other person needs a loan or is looking for one. People are still looking for loans to buy a home or refinance an existing home. Creating the right Net branch opportunity is very important to the long term operations of any mortgage broker considering creating a net branch relationship. In an uncertain mortgage market, survival really is about putting your business in position to meet the needs of these prospects. What are you doing?

Choosing The Right Mortgage Company

It is never easy to choose the right mortgage broker net branch company.

The key driver is not just the fact that the small mortgage broker company has a good hold in its locality; the smaller broker company also has to offer a good business proposal to the mortgage originators. The mortgage originators still have to get paid for writing loans and the broker owner still has to make enough money to meet operating expenses and have some decent profit left over. The selection process for the right net branch company really has to focus on cost, opportunity and revenue structure. As a mortgage broker company, you need to have enough net revenue to the branch to make the transition to a mortgage broker net branch make sense. So make sure you evaluate opportunity, costs and benefit before choosing any net branch designed for mortgage brokers.


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