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net branch » Opportunity » North Dakota

Mortgage Net Branch North Dakota

North Dakota does not allow mortgage net branches to operate at this time. Does this mean you have no future in the mortgage loan business?

Ask yourself this question. Just because I'm not a bank teller at a North Dakota bank branch, does this mean I can't work in the banking industry at all?

Of course it doesn't. There are other parts to a bank besides its different locations, which is what all a mortgage net branch in North Dakota would be. The branch is not a separate business; rather, it is a "little piece" of the home office that has been established in a place that provides for more customer convenience. Even if that bank branch weren't there, the home office would still be available for customers to conduct business in, and this applies to ND mortgage net branches, too.

If there is a mortgage company in North Dakota (and there is) people who are interesting in applying for mortgage loans can go to one of these and make their application. The process of receiving and approving loan applications is called "loan origination", and this is essentially all a net branch does.

But, again, the lack of a net branch does not mean loan originations cannot occur. They can and do, at the different mortgage companies.

So, if you are looking for a job in the mortgage industry, you do not have to worry because net branches do not operate in North Dakota. You can still become a licensed mortgage broker, which will allow you to work in many areas of the mortgage industry, from the first phase (loan origination) until the final closing phase and anywhere in between. Good luck in your hunt, and may you have a long and happy career in the mortgage business.


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